I don’t support single parenting as an acceptable form of family life.

One oft-repeated saying coming from exasperated parents who are attempting to discipline is: “I am not your friend…I’m your mother (or father).” We know that the primary job of parenting is doing what you believe is best for your child, even though it may be contrary to what they want for themselves. This is quite opposed to the dynamic of being a supportive friend, who seeks to support the friend’s own desires for himself, not direct his path. This requires a high level of personal strength and exertion of will that is not readily available as a single parent who is focused on fulfilling roles meant for two separate individuals. Additionally, in the process of fulfilling this duty to raise and guide a child for their best outcome, the parent will be met with resistance, and without a supportive, concerned, invested partner, to support that initiative, the single parent is often left exasperated and unable to fulfill the mission, especially if that child is especially willful.

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